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Meet sue

Eliza Jane Soap Company was founded, and handcrafted shall we say,  in the heart of Central Alberta with a foundation based on passion, hard work, family, and the love of Art & Soapmaking! 


My Mother always said "If you're going to do something then do it with all your heart, and be the best you can be at it". So we've tried our hardest to do what Mom says!


We've put our best into everything we create using only high quality ingredients and materials. We always  search out local ingredients and elicit handcrafted workmanship in the equipment we use.


"Buy Local" means a lot to us, so we practice what we preach and buy local as much as we can. All our exotic ingredients are purchased through local Canadian or Albertan suppliers.


All our soaps and bath products are beautiful inside and out and we pride ourselves with knowing that our high standards are passed on to our customers with every product we sell. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

behind the name eliza jane

This handsome guy is Oscar Lucius Booth. Just so happens he is my Great Great Grandfather and husband to Eliza Jane. They married in 1870 and proceeded to have 10 children in 23 years! Family and tradition have always been important to our story at Eliza Jane Soap Company. Eliza Jane was a hardworking, dedicated, beautiful woman and the reason why we chose her name for our family business. It only seemed fitting that we give Oscar a little lime light too. We are proud of our mens line: Oscar Lucius!