Let The New Year Begin!

Black Raspberry Monster Faces Soap! 7 unique "monster faces" were created from one batch of soap. To add to this craziness the faces were found in separate places within the soap log! Eek the thrill of soaping!

With 2016 well underway, what better way to move along it's inevitable current than to create a new exciting lifestyle Blog all about me! Sounds super fantastic doesn't it. Bear with me while I scramble my way through this craziness called life and try and find a calming balance amongst it all.

I'm meaning to be upfront and personal with these musing and I hope not to offend, in this age of offending. But if I do then please accept my humble apologies but know it will probably happen again, most likely unwittingly.

Eliza Jane Soap Company is most of my life right now and I truly love it. But I love my family more. I'm an absolute unwavering believer in Jesus but I'm telling you now, I'm not even close to being as Christian as He is. I try, and some days I'm better at it than others, but I still need more practice.

I often swear at bad drivers. It's true. When I'm in the car I'm certain that no one is as good at driving a motor vehicle than me. And when I'm the passenger in said car then I'm convinced of it. My family tells me otherwise, but that's what deaf ears are for are they not? That's ok. They'll get over it. Maybe one day when I'm over that antiquated hill I'll quit taking the wheel and believe otherwise, but that's a few years away yet. I still have time.

My inability to admit that I'm not the best at something, anything, driving, surges into other parts of my world as well. My need for control of my day is extreme. I was once married to a very controlling "sort" (we'll call him "sort" for lack of a more deserving name), and since I have been free, well lets just say there's no damn way I'll ever do that again!

Enter the magical world of Soaping. A world of extreme creativity and wonder with the uncanny ability to persistently ignite one's thirst for more with only ever slightly quenching it for a mere split second during the cutting of a new bar. It's thrilling really. I know, you think soap? How can a bar of bubbles ever be thrilling? Well it is. It's the ingredients. The process. The design. The swirl. The excitement of that first cut straight to the last cut of every soap ever created. I won't say orgasmic. No I will not. But it's pretty fricking close!

Is it any wonder then I'm addicted. Hopelessly I'm afraid. So much so I quit my job and now make soap full time. Yup this is all I do. Lounge around all day until I feel the urge to make a bar or two, sit back and drink Chai Wallah and nibble on bite sized yummy things. Oh the life. If only that were true! Well the part of me quitting my job and making soap full time is anyway. But the life of me is a little more boring I'm afraid. Having a soap business is all encompassing from beginning to end. After the thrill of soaping some awesome perfect bubbly bars comes cleaning and stamping the bars, storing said bars, designing and printing labels, photography, packaging (yes even though we sell bare naked bars at the markets we still package for most online sales and wholesale), shipping orders, advertising, website management, markets, trade shows, social media, ordering and managing supplies, and the dishes. Oh how I hate the never-ending chore of washing the dishes!

It's busy everyday but I love it! Even through all those dreaded dishes I love it. I truly wouldn't want it any other way. I suppose that's why I chose this crazy soapy life of mine. I have love. I have creativity. I have excitement. I have passion. I have control. And that my friend is priceless.

Thanks for joining me soapy fans! Until next time...keep warm, it's snowing out there!


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