Happy Valentines Day!

I know not all of us have a sweetie we can spoil with gifts of red, white, or pink on Valentine's Day but we can take the opportunity to reflect on ourselves a little and appreciate how wonderful we are! I know it's hard to imagine, and harder still to believe that we deserve to take a minute for ourselves, reflect on how great we are, or that we deserve to eat that entire box of chocolates (it can be mini size :), or buy that fresh cut bouque of roses, but believe me when I tell you, You Deserve It!

Self Love is not what it seems (well I guess I don't know what you think it means do I?), or what I think I should say is, Self Love is not a selfish conceited act of arrogance or egotism. It is in fact something we all need to do a little more of to keep ourselves healthy, happy, and ready to take on the challenges of the day! In fact sometimes it's those little reasuring pats on the back that make all the difference in our mood and how we manage conflict or stress.

So if we're not getting a pat on the back from someone else then we need to reach behind us and do it ourselves. Nothing wrong with that I say. And like I said before, not all of us have a sweetie, and for those of us who do, sometimes those sweeties are not always that attentive!

So go ahead and spoil yourself a little! It's for the good of humanity that we keep ourselves healthy and happy! No one likes a grumpy Guss or a negative Nellie! So do what's right for the world and Love you with all your heart. Eat those chocolates and smell those roses! Do what makes you happy this Valentine's Day, guilt free! You Deserve It!

Until next time my soapy friends,

Take care of yourself!


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